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Kristen's Korner


Thank you for joining me. 

My name is Kristen Speller. I am a music creator and artist in the Folk & Rock Genres. I am currently starring in a Music Documentary on Prime Video, "Hanging With My Sisters." 

I spent 2018 & 2019, filming with my sisters in music, to share our unique stories, while being over 40 in this industry.

I spent most of 2019 doing live performances in Los Angeles, CA, Taunton & Boston, MA. Within my live performances, I started preparing for my 3rd album, performing songs off  of my new album, "Entering Taunton" which is a love letter to my late mother, Babs. I wrote and produced 26 songs in 21 days on my Dulcimer.

This process of working through all of the emotional complexities of grief, have brought both you and I to this place. This journey is about you, the listener and I, the creator. I promise to take you on a cohesive, heartfelt and emotional journey of life and death. 

I have been a musician for 16 years, writing for myself, other artists and collaborating with other musicians. In 2009, I released my first commercially released song, "Bruised" off of my album, Misguided Dignity. 

In 2016, I released an anthem, "Phoenix Rising Up" to critical acclaim and garnered a Global Peace Nomination for Best Rock/Pop Song. I was then awarded The Global Peace Song Award in 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. I also was honored by Mayor Thomas Hoye in Taunton, MA and was awarded the Key to The City of Taunton, MA for my musical and philanthropic efforts.

 I am an 8 time Grammy ® Contender, including Best Rock Song, Song of The Year and Best New Artist. 

My husband, Marvin is my producing partner as he is the Executive Producer of Entering Taunton set to be released in 2021. We combine our music and humanitarianism, extending our efforts to our local community in The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you for reading, spending time on my website and coming along for this musical and artistic ride.