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Welcome to my space of music. 


Welcome to my space of music. 



Being a songwriter, changed my life. It was a paradigm shift in my life, when I wrote my first song in 2002. Two years later, I left the East Coast and headed to Hollywood, CA, to pursue my dream.



The best feeling in the world is to sing a song that you have written, with passion through your gut. To be able to belt out feelings, is something that I will never get used too. The feeling is magical.



Producing my own music, my songs, my content, every note, every inflection, every sound, is otherworldly. It's my favorite job, in the creative process.


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"Addiction"~Entering Taunton

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In this new music documentary, Kristen Speller, is one of the women featured. Check out this no holds barred music film, of four incredible, female, musicians.

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